Volunteering Opportunities in Kent

The only leaders that can volunteer for the events on this page are those that have signed up and are currently completing the Cricket Leaders course. 

This section contains important information on volunteering activities organised by the Kent County and the various Districts throughout Kent. Please read carefully before booking onto a volunteering activity. It is important to note that if you sign up to volunteer for an event and subsequently change your mind, you must inform the programme administrator as soon as possible. 

You will receive more details about 7-10 days before each event from the organiser about what will be expected from you on the day. 

These events are organised and arranged by the County and District Boards and not Cricket Leaders. Whilst every effort has been taken in regards to child welfare, Cricket Leaders cannot guarantee that your leader will always be looked after by DBS/CRB’d adults. As a general guide, leaders will not be looked after by DBS/CRB’d adults during the times when assisting at Kent County matches at Beckenham, Tunbridge Wells or Canterbury. If the activities are organised by Kent Community Cricket such as super 8’s and other tournaments, there will be ECB qualified coaches and DBS/CRB’d adults at these events. We will note this on each individual volunteering activity.

It is important for parents and leaders to understand this and accept this. If you are in any way concerned about this at events, please do not sign up for the volunteering as we do not want you to feel uncomfortable or concerned about your child’s welfare.

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